Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flip Under Knot Headband

I decided it would be fun to do a hair headband with flip under pony knots. It's the same idea as a braid headband but with flip under knots. I just parted her hair on the side and sectioned off from the part about 2 inches back and down to just behind her ear. I pulled the rest of the hair back and clipped it to keep it out of my way. Then I did about 1 inch boxes. I started at the part made one pony, flipped it under. Then I added that hair to the next box, made a pony and flpped it under. I did that all the way down. I repeated this on the opposite side. Then I made a part from the last pony on each side across the top of the head and put it in a pony tail. I took the hair from the two sides and made fishtail braids then added them to the big pony. To cover my elastic I just took a piece of hair from the bottom of the pony and wrapped it around. I used a clear elastic to secure it and pulled it tight. Then I just moved the hair a little so you can't see the elastic. This hair do would be cute just left down without the pony tail in back or you could add a real headband with it left down. You could also do lots of different kinds of braids in the back or just come the hair in with the pony tail. I added a pink hydrangea from Snapbandz and called it good. This time I left the rest of her hair straight and just flipped the ends under a little with my flat iron. Super easy and cute!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Triple Knot Pig Tails

I started by parting on the left side and the right all the way back to the crown so I had a big square on the top of her head. Then I parted that about an inch or so back so I had a rectangle at the front of her head. Then I parted this down the center so I had two boxes.
Then I took the two pieces of hair as if they were laces and "tied" them. You want to wrap the hair around twice so it creates a knot. Then just pull the hair tight on both sides. This works best with wet hair and I even added a little hairspray first.

I repeat this back three times. I alternated on each knot the direction I tied it. The first I did the right over left...second, left over right...and third, right over left again. When you are done you should have three knots like this.

After I did the three knots I just part the rest of the hair down the middle in the back and made two ponies that included the hair from the knots. I topped this do off with two spikey green hydranges from www.snapbandz.com Super cute!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Simple Part

To add variety to different hairdos all you need to do is change the way you part the hair. You can do a simple straight line, off center, zig zag, boxes, sharp angle and many others. This hair do is very simple. Half the hair pulled up into two pig tails. On this one I did a sharp angle on the part. I started the part at the far left and came back to the far right. The hair is still evenly seperated...just not down the middle. I have also done this where I brought the top two pigtails down to two more on the bottom. Just part the second half of the hair back to the left again. So cute. On this one I decided to do messy buns but it looked cute just down too. I also had a few curls with the trusty flat iron. The flowers are my new eggplant daisies on Snapbandz.com

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Linked Updo

This one I started in the back. I did a part about an inch high from the base of her neck and straight across. Then I made two pony tails. I did this all the way up to her crown until I had six ponies. Then I took the bottom two ponies and did a link...just like tying a shoelace. This works best when the hair is wet. I even put a little hairspray on it to keep it smooth. I would have done links all the way up, but her hair is not quite long enough. So on the second row I just twisted the hair and attached it to the pony right above on both sides. On the top I did twist also and attached to the main pony that I did at the end. On the front of her hair I just sectioned 3 boxes and did flip under ponies. I pulled all the hair on top back into a pony and attached the hair from the remaining two ponies from the back. To finish it off I just did a messy bun and added a turquoise daisy with jewel from Snapbandz.com

Monday, June 14, 2010

Adorable little models...

My friend Kelly asked me to take some pics of her adorable new baby girl. I let her know that I needed a new model for Snapbandz and we had a deal. I also grabbed her other little girl and took a pic while I was there! Too cute. Some of the flowers aren't on the website yet...something to look forward to!

This is just a simple way to spice up a headband.

I started with wet hair and parted in on the side. I also parted the hair from the part down along her hair line as far back as I wanted the braid and added the rest of the hair to a pony in the back to keep it out of my way. I only did about an inch or two back so that I could add the headband when I was finished. Then I did an inside out french braid all the way down behind the ear. I did this on both sides and then connected the two pieces of hair with an elastic at the base of her neck. Then I added the headband. Super cute! This is a narrow khaki crochet headband with a brown gerb from snapbandz.com

Her hair was still wet in these pics. After it dried I used my flat iron and did a few curls and it looked adorable. The braid still looked good the next day so I untied the elastic at the base of her neck and made the braids go all the way down. Then I pulled her hair hair up in a pony tail and connected the two braids to it. I added a cute flower from Snapbandz and she was ready to go! Here's a picture from later that night.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Linked Headband

I LOVE this! I just started out with two rows of ponies. 5 in each row. I started with the center pigtail so that they would be somewhat even. You want the front row to go back as far as you want the headband to sit. You can kind of determine this by where her ears are in relation to the ponies. You want the headband just behind the ears. Once you have all 10 ponies done you add the headband and pull the front five ponies forward. There are a lot of ways you could do this but I just did links. I split the hair from the front 3 ponies. You just do it like you are tying a shoelace. Twist around once and add the elastic. Continue until all ponies are done. I made sure the snap on the headband was between two ponies so there would be room to snap the flower on. When I was all done I just snapped the flower on. This only took about ten minutes and I think it looks great! This would be way cute with curls also. The headband I used is a Aqua Nylon Headband from Snapbandz. The flower I will be adding later this week to Snapbandz.com.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Zig Zag Pony Braid Updo

For this one I just continued from the previous post and braided the hair from the ponies. I added them together with the rest of a hair in a large pony and made a messy bun. This one I added a Lavender Daisy Mum.

Zig Zag Ponies

This one was simple and easy. I just did a zig zag part to the crown and made two pony tails and flipped them under. This is topped off with two light green gerbera daisies from www.snapbandz.com

Headband with Side Pony

I thought I would come up with a couple new ways to wear our cute headbands from Snapbandz. For this one I just put her hair in a side ponytail and made a messy bun. Then I added the headband with the flower in front on the bun. I did a couple elastics in her hair to hold it all up because it isn't quite long enough yet without them. This would be cute with any style of side ponytail.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Using fake hair...that's right FAKE!

I bought one of those hair pieces one day at Sally's and thought I would try it out. I kind of LOVE it! It's the best thing to happen to a busy morning. In these pictures I just started by sectioning a "v" shape at the front of her hair and added an elastic. Then I did a bigger "v" and included the hair front the first and added another elastic. I did this 3 times and then just pulled all the hair up in a pony tail and made a bun. Then I added the hair. It is just like an elastic. I put it around the bun twice. You can add a couple of bobby pins to make sure it stays secure. You can see the bun pretty well in the pictures because her hair was still wet. When it dried it matched great! I topped it off with a Red Jeweled Daisy from snapbandz.com