Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 flip under knot braid with hair headband half updo

Wow! That is a long name. I will have to work on being more creative. For this one you want to leave the hair along the hairline out about an inch back. This will be the hair headband. Go about another inch back and part the hair from ear to ear and make 3 flip under knots.

Then pull them out of the way or have your daughter hold them. Pull the remaining hair on the top half of her head back into a ponytail.

Then take the 3 pieces of hair from the flip under knots and braid them together and connect them to the pony tail. Then take a piece of hair from the pony tail and wrap around the elastic to hide it. This time I just secured it with a clear elastic and pulled the hair down a little to hide the securing elastic. To finish off part the hair you left down at the hairline and part it on the side. Wet it down and comb to each side. I used some hairspray to keep it smooth. Take the hair around to the base of the neck and secure it with a little elastic. I topped this one off with a purple anemone from

The Shelby Do

My bff Brandy was kind enough to let me share these pictures of her daughter Shelby with you! She started with 5 piggies in the front. Pulling the hair from the piggies out of the way she pulled the rest of the hair up into a pony tail. She split each of the 3 middle ponies in half and made links and connected them to the large pony and did a big messy bun. This looks so cute! She added her favorite flower (sky blue daisy with jewel) from to top it off! Thanks for sharing Brandy!

2 ropes 2 messy buns

I started this by sectioning the front third of her hair from ear to ear. I placed the elastic on the far right.

Then I took the second third of hair and split it in half and made two ponies. Next was the bottom third of hair with the elastic on the far left. You should have four ponies total. I did this with her hair damp and used lots of hairspray!

The I took the hair from the bottom pony and made a rope braid and connected it to the middle right pony and made a messy bun. (Remember for the rope braid just split the hair in half, twist both pieces the same direction and twist them together the opposite way the individual pieces were twisted.)For these messy buns I just wadded up the hair and added a clear elastic to hold it. I pulled a different pieces until it looked the way I wanted. I used a couple elastics on each bun.

To finish it off I added a white daisy from by the front elastic.This hairdo lasted us two days!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I love fall!

My friend Emily just posted these pics of her adorable little girl and I had to share! Emily made the fabulous little outfit she is wearing. Her shop is Her little girl is also wearing a headband and flower from So cute! I might just have to buy Miss M another outfit!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 braids+2 braids+1 messy bun

It begins like this...four braids along the front. I parted the hair from ear to ear and then down the middle. Then I split each side in half and made the braids. You want the braids and the right to angle toward the left and vice versa so they will criss cross.

I had very good intentions of getting step by step pics for this and then my camera battery decided to die. So....After I had all four braids done I continued the part down the middle of her head and made a section on each side but left hair on the bottom out. The part was from the middle to about the bottom of her ear. I made two pigtails and connected the 1st and 3rd braid to the left and the 2nd and 4th braid to the right. I wrapped hair from the pony tails around each to hide the elastics and pulled it through with my topsy tail. Next I took the hair at the base of her neck and combed it upward and added an elastic. The pony tail should be pretty close to the other two. Then I took the hair from the top two pony tails, braided them and connected them to the lower pony tail. I made a messy bun but it would look cute with the pony tail straight, curled or even braided. I topped it all off with a fuschia ruffle anemone from It looked so cute that day! We went to the park after preschool and I got some pictures. She decided to be creative with her posing again...go figure. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Headband and side pony

This one was a little different. I thought it was pretty simple so I didn't take step by step photos.
I started with four small square flip under knots all flipped so they pointed toward one ear. They were arranged like a box at the front of her head. I took the remaining hair and pulled it into a side pony and added the headband betweeen the two rows of ponies. Then I took the hair from the two ponies on the left and "linked" them and secured the hair to the next two ponies. (I was in a hurry and just used whatever elastics I grabbed...would have looked better if I did them all the same color.) I took the hair from the two ponies in the front and made a rope braid and attached it to the large pony. (To make it the headband stay on even better you may want to do the knots on the bottom as well.) I wrapped a piece of hair around the elastic and pulled it through with my topsy tail to hide it. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this flower? Well I do. It is an eggplant gerb from and is on a cream nylon headband. She looked too cute!

Practice braids

I am not that great at doing french braids. I haven't had a lot of practice either. So...I decided the other day to do 3 french braids in Emma's hair to get some practice in. I love braiding all of her hair and then taking it out the next day for the wavy look. For this I just sectioned off a middle piece and pulled the two sides out of my way. I braided the middle first and then the two sides. When I got done I decided to take the three braids and braid them together at the bottom. It made one big braid. I secured the end with an elastic, curled the ends under slightly with my flat iron and added a big yellow daisy on a clip from Snapbandz. She looked so cute but I forgot to get a couple pictures with the flower will just have to imagine it. Then next day I took the braids out and did a quick flip under knot in the front to keep her hair out of her face and added a flower. I also used my flat iron and curled all the straight ends under for a more finished look. So cute!