Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Headband and side pony

This one was a little different. I thought it was pretty simple so I didn't take step by step photos.
I started with four small square flip under knots all flipped so they pointed toward one ear. They were arranged like a box at the front of her head. I took the remaining hair and pulled it into a side pony and added the headband betweeen the two rows of ponies. Then I took the hair from the two ponies on the left and "linked" them and secured the hair to the next two ponies. (I was in a hurry and just used whatever elastics I grabbed...would have looked better if I did them all the same color.) I took the hair from the two ponies in the front and made a rope braid and attached it to the large pony. (To make it the headband stay on even better you may want to do the knots on the bottom as well.) I wrapped a piece of hair around the elastic and pulled it through with my topsy tail to hide it. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this flower? Well I do. It is an eggplant gerb from snapbandz.com and is on a cream nylon headband. She looked too cute!


  1. I love this one I think I will try it tommorow!!!

  2. I love this headband with the side ponytail, great idea for keeping the headband in place.