Monday, April 26, 2010

Ode to Paul Mitchell

People always ask me how I get Emma's hair to stay so well. It's the HAIRSPRAY! I love this Paul Mitchell hair spray. I buy the big bottle and fill my little travel size spray bottles with it. I like the little bottles cause they are easier to use. I also make sure that her hair is wet or damp when doing it. Using a fine tooth comb helps the hair to be smooth also. Just a few tips...

Uneven braids to Side

Start this one by sectioning off a square at the top of the hair. Tie or clip the hair while to keep it out of your way.

Because her hair is shorter now I left hair down in the back. When her hair was long I used all of her hair so it was all up. You are going to make six pony tails around the head. I started on the left side of her head. I combed the hair towards the right and added an elastic on the right side. Do two ponies on the left side, two on the back, and two on the right side. The right side of her head is where the bun will be. On this side you want the left pony to have the elastic on the right side and the right pony to have the elastic on the left side so they come together.

After you have all six ponies done go back to the left side and start on the braid. I did an uneven braid this time. I usually like to do the rope twist. For the uneven braid you just do a normal 3 strand braid but section the hair unevenly. I did two small pieces and one large. Braid and attach to next pony. Continue to the the fifth pony tail. The last pony will not have a braid attached. Now for the top. Unclip the hair and comb to the right side of her head. Split the hair in two sections. Then split each section in half and make a rope. The ropes will cross. So the left one will attach to the very front pony and the rope on the right will attach to the second pony back. To finish it off I just took all the hair and made a messy bun. Attach a cute flower to top it off. This hairdo lasted us two days. The second day I took out the messy bun and made two tight buns and attached a small flower. Sorry no pics. I hope that all makes sense.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6 ponies with ropes

I just have one picture of this hairdo but I thought it was too cute to not share. This is Miss Emma with my cute sis-in-law Jamie. For this I started with 6 pony tails. I always start with the front middle to make sure they are even. I used different colored elastics on this one to match her shirt. Usually before I start the ponies I make a big square on the top of her head...seperate into six squares. When the ponies are done you divide the hair from the front middle pony and make two ropes and attach to the outside ponies in the back. Make ropes with the remaining two ponies in the front and attach to the back middle pony with an elastic. To make ropes you divide the hair in half and twist the two pieces the same direction. Then you twist the two twists together the opposite direction. So if you twist the two pieces clockwise you want to twist them together counter-clockwise. I will try to take some pics of how to do this to post. I used my flat iron again on this one to add a little curl. This hair do would be way cute with any 3 of Snapbandz mini flowers.

Zig Zag Ponies

I thought this turned out cute. I am not very good at writing how to's but I am going to try! For this one I just did a zig zag part down the middle to the crown. I did two zigs and two zags if that makes sense. I parted the hair from the middle to her ear and combed it into a pony. I flipped it under...repeat on other side. (make sure to do your pony tail loose enough that you have room to flip it. I just use my pinky finger or sometimes the end of a rattail comb.) Then I parted from the crown to just behind her ear. Add the hair from the front pony to this pony and add the elastic. Then I just flipped that pony under also. I used my flat iron to make some soft curls. My flat iron is my favorite curling iron lately. It gets hot super fast and doesn't take long to add some nice curls. Then to top it off I added a couple of turquoise cosmos from Snapbandz. Super cute!