Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zig Zag Ponies

I thought this turned out cute. I am not very good at writing how to's but I am going to try! For this one I just did a zig zag part down the middle to the crown. I did two zigs and two zags if that makes sense. I parted the hair from the middle to her ear and combed it into a pony. I flipped it under...repeat on other side. (make sure to do your pony tail loose enough that you have room to flip it. I just use my pinky finger or sometimes the end of a rattail comb.) Then I parted from the crown to just behind her ear. Add the hair from the front pony to this pony and add the elastic. Then I just flipped that pony under also. I used my flat iron to make some soft curls. My flat iron is my favorite curling iron lately. It gets hot super fast and doesn't take long to add some nice curls. Then to top it off I added a couple of turquoise cosmos from Snapbandz. Super cute!

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