Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Twisty side messy bun

This one was a while ago but it was pretty simple. I started by parting the hair from ear to ear and tied the bottom half of hair out of the way. On the top I parted a third of the hair from the front to the part at her crown and had my daughter hold it out of the way. With the two thirds of hair left I parted in half horizontally and made a pony with the back section. Then I took the front section and just twisted it and combined it with the rest. With the other third of her hair that I parted out of the way I made a twist and brought it across and secured it with the side pony. Then I took all the hair in the pony and made a messy bun and untied the back of the hair and combed it down. This sounds a little complicated but it was really simple and fast. I usually use my flat iron to turn the ends of her hair under just a little for a more finished look...but be careful cause those things are super hot! I added a red daisy from Snapbnadz under the messy bun.

zig zag double frenchies

The zig zag part on this hairdo makes it so fun! I started out with damp hair as usual and used the back of a comb with the pointy end and "drew" a zig zag in the hair. Then I parted from the crown to each ear and added a loose elastic to one side to keep it out of the way. I also tied the hair on the bottom out of the way. On the other side I started doing an inside out french braid. If you know how to french braid it is simple to do the inside out...just add the hair "under" instead of "over." When I got to where my part was at the crown and had no more hair to add I just continued with a 3 strand braid and secured the end. I did the same with the hair on the other side of her head and used an elastic to secure the two braids together in the back. I topped it off white a small hot pink daisy on a clip from When I use a clip this way I put one of the prongs through the elastic so it won't slip. I loved the way this one turned out!

2012 Valentine Hairdo

I know it has been forever since I have blogged. We have moved...AGAIN...and are finally settled in. I will be posting lots to catch up! :) I have seen so many cute heart hairdo's all over the blog world. I think ours turned out so cute! M was excited to wear her hair in hearts for school on Valentines Day. I always like to do M's hair when it is's way easier to control for me. I started by parting the hair all the way down the middle and securing half so I could work with one side. Then on one side I parted the hair from the crown of her head to her ear and secured the hair with an elastic and fliped the pony so the hair was going up...which is the opposite of how I usually do it. I then combed the bottom section of hair on that side down in a low pony and secured it with an elastic. Then I took the hair that I flipped up on the top and split it into two sections. I made two twists and brought them both down and secured them to the lower ponytail creating the heart shape. You could also easily just do two 3 strand braids and make the heart that way. To do a twist you split the hair in two sections and twist each section the same direction and then twist them together in the opposite direction. I did the same steps on the other side of her head and chose to top this hairdo off with a simple ribbon tied around the pony. I also used a bobby pin on each side of each heart to secure it to her head....these kindergarteners can get kind of rowdy!