Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Newsboy Hats

Great news! We will be adding newsboy hats to our inventory very soon! We also have lots of new crochet hats in stock. Remember you can snap any flower you would like right onto our hats! Go check them out. www.snapbandz.com

Monday, October 11, 2010

5 simple braids and 2 piggies

I parted the hair on each side and back to the crown to make a traingle. I split the hair in half from side to side with another part. I added an elastic to the hair at the crown. I took the hair from the front of the traingle and made a simple 3 strand braid and connected it to the back pony. I did the same thing on each side of the first triangle braid. Then I took the hair from the middle pony and split in in half. I took half the hair from the middle braid and the hair from one pony and did a simple 3 strand braid. I did this on both sides. Then I made two low ponies with the remaining hair and and added the braids to them. I clipped in two light green daisies from Snapbandz.com

Braid Knot with 2 VERY messy buns

I took these pictures for my friend over at Sew Divine Boutique. She made this adorable outfit for Miss M! I thought it turned out so cute! Go check out this outfit and many others at www.sewdivineboutique1.etsy.com
For the hair do I made two piggie tails in the front and flipped them under. I took the hair from the piggies and braided them all the way to the end. I had my little girl hold them while I continued the part back and made two more piggies. I took the two braids and tied them in a knot then attached one to each of the second set of ponies. I made some VERY messy buns and topped it all off with two antique blue hydranges from snapbandz.com For the buns I took the hair and back combed it, wadded it up and added a few elastics to hold the shape I wanted. I know...it sounds very technical! :) We got lots of compliments this day!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Braid on top hair headband

This is so simple. It is done just like the two rope headband but I just did a single 3 strand braid instead. Part the hair on one side about an inch or two back and from ear to ear. Comb the hair smooth and spray with hairspray. Take a small section right at the part line and create a braid and lay on top of the hair. Pull both sides tight and attach together at the base of the neck with a small elastic. (Note: the small elastic also helps keep the headband in place on little girls who have trouble with that.) I added an narrow orange crochet headband with a bright pink daisy with polka dot center on this one. I love to mix and match the colors of the headbands and flowers from Snapbandz to match each outfit. I used my 3 barrel curling iron to create some waves. Pretty simple!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cute little model

I did another photo shoot of this sweet little girl today. She is now 6 months old! Here's a sneak peek of a few new items coming to Snapbandz!
This one is a large black daisy with a polka dot center and is snapped onto a narrow black crochet headband.

I have used this flower before but am just now adding it to our inventory! The eggplant daisy with jewel. This is on a cream nylon headband.

Last but not least is a pink hydrangea on a thin headband. I am just now experimenting with these little headbands. Anyone interested?