Wednesday, March 14, 2012

zig zag double frenchies

The zig zag part on this hairdo makes it so fun! I started out with damp hair as usual and used the back of a comb with the pointy end and "drew" a zig zag in the hair. Then I parted from the crown to each ear and added a loose elastic to one side to keep it out of the way. I also tied the hair on the bottom out of the way. On the other side I started doing an inside out french braid. If you know how to french braid it is simple to do the inside out...just add the hair "under" instead of "over." When I got to where my part was at the crown and had no more hair to add I just continued with a 3 strand braid and secured the end. I did the same with the hair on the other side of her head and used an elastic to secure the two braids together in the back. I topped it off white a small hot pink daisy on a clip from When I use a clip this way I put one of the prongs through the elastic so it won't slip. I loved the way this one turned out!

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