Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ropes Braids and Piggy Ropes

This one started off with six ponies up on top.

I took the hair from the outside 2 ponies one one side and made a rope braid and connected it the the middle pony on the opposite side.

I did the same thing on the other side. The two ropes overlap on top.

Then I parted the remaining hair down the middle and made two pony tails leaving out the hair from the top. With the hair on each side that was left out I made a rope and connected to the ponytail on that same side. Then...with the hair from each of the big ponies I made a rope and folded it up and attached it back at the base leaving the ends sticking out on top. I sprayed them with hairspray to make them more spikey. I added two puple ruffle anemones from to finish off the look. I used these flowers snapped onto clips. She looked way cute and it stayed in very well!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Long time no blog...

I apologize that I have neglected this blog lately. We have been moving...again! Hopefully now we are all settled and I can get to work! I have also been doing a few craft shows. The people in North Dakota are really loving Snapbandz! If you live in the area we will be at the Airport International Inn in Williston this Friday and Saturday the 12th and 13th. The show goes until 8pm on Friday and 5pm on Saturday. Come see us! We will have lots of new Christmas items and will be adding them to our online inventory very soon as well! I also thought I would include a picture of my cute kids from Halloween. We had Little Miss Muffet and her Spider. I love Halloween!

Criss Cross Ropes and Braids

This one was actually prettty simple. I went back about and inch and part the hair ear to ear. I made 3 ropes and 3 braids. I just did every other one a rope or braid. To make a rope braid just part the section in half, twist both sections one way, and them twist them together the opposite way. Make sure to have the braids angle toward the opposite side of the head. I continued the part from the front all the way down making two pony tails. I added the 3 ropes/braids from the right to the left pony tail and secured them with an elastic. With the ropes/braids on the left I crossed them over and under each of the ropes/braids from the left and then secured them to the pony tail on the right. I topped it off with two small white ranunculas from