Friday, September 13, 2013

3 Twists Side Pony

A lot of the time lately we have just been pulling Miss M's hair to the side and flipping it under. We love to add accessories from Snapbandz. This hairdo is a simple variation. Start by parting the hair on the side to the crown. Next make another part about an inch or so parallel to the first. With this section of hair you will make 3 rope braids. To make a rope braid, separate one section of hair into two pieces, twist both pieces the same direction separately and then twist them together the opposite direction. I have my daughter hold each rope as I do the next. Then part the hair from the crown to the ear, comb smooth and add a small elastic. You can do this step before you make the rope braids if it is easier. Add the 3 rope braids to the pony and secure again. I just used my pinky to flip the hair down through the pony. You can use a topsy tail or back of a rattail comb for this as well. I almost always flip Miss M's pony tails...I think it makes it lay nicer and look more polished. We added one of our adorable boutique bows on a skinny band from Snapbandz. If you haven't checked out the new boutique bows yet you really should! They can snap onto any of our headbands or onto one of our clips. We have lots to choose from and are adding more all the time. If you need specific colors send us an email!