Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Criss Cross Ropes and Braids

This one was actually prettty simple. I went back about and inch and part the hair ear to ear. I made 3 ropes and 3 braids. I just did every other one a rope or braid. To make a rope braid just part the section in half, twist both sections one way, and them twist them together the opposite way. Make sure to have the braids angle toward the opposite side of the head. I continued the part from the front all the way down making two pony tails. I added the 3 ropes/braids from the right to the left pony tail and secured them with an elastic. With the ropes/braids on the left I crossed them over and under each of the ropes/braids from the left and then secured them to the pony tail on the right. I topped it off with two small white ranunculas from snapbandz.com

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