Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6 ponies with ropes

I just have one picture of this hairdo but I thought it was too cute to not share. This is Miss Emma with my cute sis-in-law Jamie. For this I started with 6 pony tails. I always start with the front middle to make sure they are even. I used different colored elastics on this one to match her shirt. Usually before I start the ponies I make a big square on the top of her head...seperate into six squares. When the ponies are done you divide the hair from the front middle pony and make two ropes and attach to the outside ponies in the back. Make ropes with the remaining two ponies in the front and attach to the back middle pony with an elastic. To make ropes you divide the hair in half and twist the two pieces the same direction. Then you twist the two twists together the opposite direction. So if you twist the two pieces clockwise you want to twist them together counter-clockwise. I will try to take some pics of how to do this to post. I used my flat iron again on this one to add a little curl. This hair do would be way cute with any 3 of Snapbandz mini flowers.

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