Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Practice braids

I am not that great at doing french braids. I haven't had a lot of practice either. So...I decided the other day to do 3 french braids in Emma's hair to get some practice in. I love braiding all of her hair and then taking it out the next day for the wavy look. For this I just sectioned off a middle piece and pulled the two sides out of my way. I braided the middle first and then the two sides. When I got done I decided to take the three braids and braid them together at the bottom. It made one big braid. I secured the end with an elastic, curled the ends under slightly with my flat iron and added a big yellow daisy on a clip from Snapbandz. She looked so cute but I forgot to get a couple pictures with the flower in....you will just have to imagine it. Then next day I took the braids out and did a quick flip under knot in the front to keep her hair out of her face and added a flower. I also used my flat iron and curled all the straight ends under for a more finished look. So cute!

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