Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 braids+2 braids+1 messy bun

It begins like this...four braids along the front. I parted the hair from ear to ear and then down the middle. Then I split each side in half and made the braids. You want the braids and the right to angle toward the left and vice versa so they will criss cross.

I had very good intentions of getting step by step pics for this and then my camera battery decided to die. So....After I had all four braids done I continued the part down the middle of her head and made a section on each side but left hair on the bottom out. The part was from the middle to about the bottom of her ear. I made two pigtails and connected the 1st and 3rd braid to the left and the 2nd and 4th braid to the right. I wrapped hair from the pony tails around each to hide the elastics and pulled it through with my topsy tail. Next I took the hair at the base of her neck and combed it upward and added an elastic. The pony tail should be pretty close to the other two. Then I took the hair from the top two pony tails, braided them and connected them to the lower pony tail. I made a messy bun but it would look cute with the pony tail straight, curled or even braided. I topped it all off with a fuschia ruffle anemone from It looked so cute that day! We went to the park after preschool and I got some pictures. She decided to be creative with her posing again...go figure. Enjoy!

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  1. i am so jealous of you two i cant wait tell Lilys hair grows back i want to try this one she is such a cutie