Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 flip under knot braid with hair headband half updo

Wow! That is a long name. I will have to work on being more creative. For this one you want to leave the hair along the hairline out about an inch back. This will be the hair headband. Go about another inch back and part the hair from ear to ear and make 3 flip under knots.

Then pull them out of the way or have your daughter hold them. Pull the remaining hair on the top half of her head back into a ponytail.

Then take the 3 pieces of hair from the flip under knots and braid them together and connect them to the pony tail. Then take a piece of hair from the pony tail and wrap around the elastic to hide it. This time I just secured it with a clear elastic and pulled the hair down a little to hide the securing elastic. To finish off part the hair you left down at the hairline and part it on the side. Wet it down and comb to each side. I used some hairspray to keep it smooth. Take the hair around to the base of the neck and secure it with a little elastic. I topped this one off with a purple anemone from

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