Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cute little model

I did another photo shoot of this sweet little girl today. She is now 6 months old! Here's a sneak peek of a few new items coming to Snapbandz!
This one is a large black daisy with a polka dot center and is snapped onto a narrow black crochet headband.

I have used this flower before but am just now adding it to our inventory! The eggplant daisy with jewel. This is on a cream nylon headband.

Last but not least is a pink hydrangea on a thin headband. I am just now experimenting with these little headbands. Anyone interested?

1 comment:

  1. These are darling photos! I have been wanting to get those skinny little headbands.. I'd be interested! I don't love the big fat headbands on Capri like I used to. I think she'd be more willing to keep them on if they are little too. I love how dainty they are! Let me know when/if you get them up! :)