Monday, October 11, 2010

Braid Knot with 2 VERY messy buns

I took these pictures for my friend over at Sew Divine Boutique. She made this adorable outfit for Miss M! I thought it turned out so cute! Go check out this outfit and many others at
For the hair do I made two piggie tails in the front and flipped them under. I took the hair from the piggies and braided them all the way to the end. I had my little girl hold them while I continued the part back and made two more piggies. I took the two braids and tied them in a knot then attached one to each of the second set of ponies. I made some VERY messy buns and topped it all off with two antique blue hydranges from For the buns I took the hair and back combed it, wadded it up and added a few elastics to hold the shape I wanted. I sounds very technical! :) We got lots of compliments this day!

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