Monday, October 11, 2010

5 simple braids and 2 piggies

I parted the hair on each side and back to the crown to make a traingle. I split the hair in half from side to side with another part. I added an elastic to the hair at the crown. I took the hair from the front of the traingle and made a simple 3 strand braid and connected it to the back pony. I did the same thing on each side of the first triangle braid. Then I took the hair from the middle pony and split in in half. I took half the hair from the middle braid and the hair from one pony and did a simple 3 strand braid. I did this on both sides. Then I made two low ponies with the remaining hair and and added the braids to them. I clipped in two light green daisies from

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  1. Awesome! Just did this for my 4 yr old right before school... only took about 15-20 minutes. Her hair is super curly since I'm black hispanic and she's mixed, still it was easy to do and she loved not having to wear her usual 2 piggy braids!