Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flip Under Knot Headband

I decided it would be fun to do a hair headband with flip under pony knots. It's the same idea as a braid headband but with flip under knots. I just parted her hair on the side and sectioned off from the part about 2 inches back and down to just behind her ear. I pulled the rest of the hair back and clipped it to keep it out of my way. Then I did about 1 inch boxes. I started at the part made one pony, flipped it under. Then I added that hair to the next box, made a pony and flpped it under. I did that all the way down. I repeated this on the opposite side. Then I made a part from the last pony on each side across the top of the head and put it in a pony tail. I took the hair from the two sides and made fishtail braids then added them to the big pony. To cover my elastic I just took a piece of hair from the bottom of the pony and wrapped it around. I used a clear elastic to secure it and pulled it tight. Then I just moved the hair a little so you can't see the elastic. This hair do would be cute just left down without the pony tail in back or you could add a real headband with it left down. You could also do lots of different kinds of braids in the back or just come the hair in with the pony tail. I added a pink hydrangea from Snapbandz and called it good. This time I left the rest of her hair straight and just flipped the ends under a little with my flat iron. Super easy and cute!

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