Monday, June 14, 2010

This is just a simple way to spice up a headband.

I started with wet hair and parted in on the side. I also parted the hair from the part down along her hair line as far back as I wanted the braid and added the rest of the hair to a pony in the back to keep it out of my way. I only did about an inch or two back so that I could add the headband when I was finished. Then I did an inside out french braid all the way down behind the ear. I did this on both sides and then connected the two pieces of hair with an elastic at the base of her neck. Then I added the headband. Super cute! This is a narrow khaki crochet headband with a brown gerb from

Her hair was still wet in these pics. After it dried I used my flat iron and did a few curls and it looked adorable. The braid still looked good the next day so I untied the elastic at the base of her neck and made the braids go all the way down. Then I pulled her hair hair up in a pony tail and connected the two braids to it. I added a cute flower from Snapbandz and she was ready to go! Here's a picture from later that night.

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