Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Linked Headband

I LOVE this! I just started out with two rows of ponies. 5 in each row. I started with the center pigtail so that they would be somewhat even. You want the front row to go back as far as you want the headband to sit. You can kind of determine this by where her ears are in relation to the ponies. You want the headband just behind the ears. Once you have all 10 ponies done you add the headband and pull the front five ponies forward. There are a lot of ways you could do this but I just did links. I split the hair from the front 3 ponies. You just do it like you are tying a shoelace. Twist around once and add the elastic. Continue until all ponies are done. I made sure the snap on the headband was between two ponies so there would be room to snap the flower on. When I was all done I just snapped the flower on. This only took about ten minutes and I think it looks great! This would be way cute with curls also. The headband I used is a Aqua Nylon Headband from Snapbandz. The flower I will be adding later this week to Snapbandz.com.

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  1. ok I am in love with this one I may have to order some headbands just to do this hairsyle its so cute and keeps the band in place to add color/cuteness LOVE IT!!!!