Thursday, June 24, 2010

Triple Knot Pig Tails

I started by parting on the left side and the right all the way back to the crown so I had a big square on the top of her head. Then I parted that about an inch or so back so I had a rectangle at the front of her head. Then I parted this down the center so I had two boxes.
Then I took the two pieces of hair as if they were laces and "tied" them. You want to wrap the hair around twice so it creates a knot. Then just pull the hair tight on both sides. This works best with wet hair and I even added a little hairspray first.

I repeat this back three times. I alternated on each knot the direction I tied it. The first I did the right over left...second, left over right...and third, right over left again. When you are done you should have three knots like this.

After I did the three knots I just part the rest of the hair down the middle in the back and made two ponies that included the hair from the knots. I topped this do off with two spikey green hydranges from Super cute!

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