Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Simple Part

To add variety to different hairdos all you need to do is change the way you part the hair. You can do a simple straight line, off center, zig zag, boxes, sharp angle and many others. This hair do is very simple. Half the hair pulled up into two pig tails. On this one I did a sharp angle on the part. I started the part at the far left and came back to the far right. The hair is still evenly seperated...just not down the middle. I have also done this where I brought the top two pigtails down to two more on the bottom. Just part the second half of the hair back to the left again. So cute. On this one I decided to do messy buns but it looked cute just down too. I also had a few curls with the trusty flat iron. The flowers are my new eggplant daisies on Snapbandz.com

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