Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Linked Updo

This one I started in the back. I did a part about an inch high from the base of her neck and straight across. Then I made two pony tails. I did this all the way up to her crown until I had six ponies. Then I took the bottom two ponies and did a link...just like tying a shoelace. This works best when the hair is wet. I even put a little hairspray on it to keep it smooth. I would have done links all the way up, but her hair is not quite long enough. So on the second row I just twisted the hair and attached it to the pony right above on both sides. On the top I did twist also and attached to the main pony that I did at the end. On the front of her hair I just sectioned 3 boxes and did flip under ponies. I pulled all the hair on top back into a pony and attached the hair from the remaining two ponies from the back. To finish it off I just did a messy bun and added a turquoise daisy with jewel from

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