Friday, August 20, 2010

Twisted Attached Headband

This one took a little thought but it was so cute! I parted her hair about an inch or so back and to both ears. With the hair on the front I made 3 flip under knots.

Then I did the same thing at the base of her neck to her ears...3 more flip under knots (just make sure they "flip up" toward the pony tail.) After I had all six knots done I added the headband. I seperated the hair from the front middle pony in half. I took half the hair from the middle and the hair from one of the side ponies and did a rope braid and connected it to the large pony tail. I made sure that one section of hair was on the top of the pony and the other was on the bottom...this is what holds the headband on. I did the same thing on the other side and to the bottom of her hair.

With the remaining hair I just did a messy bun. I think if I do this again I will do ponies on the side of her head too so the headband stays a little better. The headband I used on this is a narrow green crochet headband with a turquoise ranuncula from

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