Friday, August 20, 2010

Basket Weave

I saw something similar to this the other day and had to try it. I started by sectioning off a rectangle on the top and pulling it up out of the way.

Next I took the rest of the hair from ear to ear and slicked it back and secured it with an elastic. I think this works better with damp hair so you don't have fly aways.

With the hair on top I took it and parted it down the middle.

Then I took a plastic needle (you can get them at WalMart or other craft stores) and threaded a small piece of hair into it. To do this I used a piece of dental floss...made a loop and put through the eye of the needle...then put the hair through the loop and pulled so the hair went through the needle.

Then I just went in and out of the hair on one side and pulled it through. I continued this all the way back and on the other side. I didn't make it very even and will have to practice that a little. I just did it randomly and in a hurry.

When I finished all the weave I took a piece of hair from the pony and wrapped it around the elastic and pulled it through with my topsy tail to hide the elastic.
I topped this one off with a Spikey Purple Hydrangea from It would be way cute to curl the back of the hair or just the piecies in the ponytail and the weaved sections. You could also do this with two pony tails. It was a little time consuming...but way cute!

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