Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Four braids on a slant

This hair do was super easy and turned out way cute. For this one you will just be working with half her hair. You can take the back and put in a pony tail out of your way if that helps. I started by combing the hair from the right toward the left of her head. I sectioned the first piece of hair at an angle towards her right ear. I just did a simple 3 strand braid but a rope braid or any other kind would work too. I secured the end with an elastic.

You want all the braids to point to the same spot where you will secure them together. I did it so they all pointed toward the back left. I continued this process until I had four braids at the front. I liked doing the parts on an angle because from the front it looks like the hair is going one way but the braids actually go the opposite.

When I had all four braids I just took them and added an elastic where they would naturally hang and removed the elastics that were holding the individual braids. I added a mini cosmo from to top it off.
I thought it turned out great. Instead of using a clip or attaching the flower directly to the hair I just used an elastic. I took one tiny elastic and wrapped it around the stud snap and then snapped the flower onto it so the elastic was connected to the flower. Then I just wrapped the elastic around the other one. Voila!

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