Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Two rope braids+half pony

I started this one by sectioning a square on top of her head and adding an elastic to the back right side. You should have hair still down on the right and left sides of her head.
With the hair on the left side of the pony I split it in half from the front to the back of her head. With the section of hair closest to the pony I made a rope braid and secured it to the pony. I did the same thing with the remaining hair on the left side. Just make sure that the two braids start in different spots so they are next to eachother and not overlapping. (Remember to do the rope braid you just take two pieces of hair, twist them the same direction and then twist the two twists together the opposite way you twisted the twists. haha I promise it's simple.)

With the hair on the right side of the pony I combed it toward the pony and wrapped it around the elastic twice.

I used my topsy tail to take the hair down through itself hiding the elastic. If you don't have a topsy tail I have seen people just use a pipe cleaner and make their own. Very simple...and cheap!

So cute!
It would look good with the hair down and straight but I decided to adds some curls with my good old curling iron. Love it!

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  1. I love the cover of the pony tail, so cute! You are so creative and talented Mandy! Thanks for sharing.