Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sliced Pizza updo

I know it's a funny name but hopefully it will make sense at the end. For this one I started by making a triangle in the front of her hair that went to the crown of her head and flipped the hair under. I did this on both sides as well so they all pointed to the crown of her head. Remember to flip the ponies under you can use a topsy tail, a pen, a comb or just your finger. Just make sure you put the elastic in so the hair is loose enough to flip under and then pull tight.

When you have the three ponies done you can leave it like that or take the hair from the ponies and do a three strand braid like this. (yes she is sitting in her little brother's bumbo chair.)

Or I decided to go ahead and mirror image the 3 ponies. Just do the same thing on the bottom...3 triangle flip under ponies pointing to the crown of her head.

When I had all six ponies finished I curled the remaining hair and pinned up the longer pieces. I topped it off with my favorite flower, the cream daisy mum, from The hair is split in 6 triangles like a pizza. Get it?

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