Friday, May 28, 2010

Zig Zag Rope Braid Updo

I thought this was kind of fun. For this one I started by parting her hair on the side all the way down. I then sectioned off this first ponytail starting about an inch down the part and going straight down. I put the elastic to one side. On the next ponytail I put the elastic on the other side. Then I took the hair from the first pony and made a rope and attached to the second. I continued this clear back. When I got to the crown of her hair I sort of angled the parts down towards her neck. I meant for this to be a side ponytail but it ended up pretty centered. I will have to try again. By alternating which side I put the ponytail on it created a zig zag. With the hair on the other side of the part I just combed it into the bottom ponytail. Then I made a messy bun. To top it off I added two adorable bright yellow daisies from

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