Monday, May 24, 2010

Another fun picture I found on my cell phone. This was probably two years ago! Gotta love my feet in the picture. She looked so cute this day!

This one has four flip under ponies at the front. The hair from the middle two I split and made two braids. The outside two I just braided the hair. I also made four more flip under ponies behind the first four. I crossed the middle two braids to make an X and attached to the other ponies as shown. I braided the hair from the second set of ponies and attached to two pony tails at the bottom. It would have also been cute to cross the middle two ponies again at the bottom to make a second X. I braided the hair from the two big ponies and brought them back up and attached them with an elastic. I added some cute ribbons and left the ends sticking out. I hope that makes sense. Super cute!

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