Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Hairdo 2013

Here is Miss M's Valentine do for 2013. I started by getting the hair damp and parting it on the side. Then I parted it on the opposite side to make a box on the top of her head. Using the back of my comb I "drew" a heart inside the box created a heart shaped part. Get it? Then I combed it into a ponytail at the bottom of the heart and loosely put in an elastic. To do the heart shape you want to flip the hair up using a topsy tail, rait tail comb or your pinky finger. I had my daughter hold this hair out of the way as I combed the rest of the hair into a side ponytail. Then I sectioned the top pony tail into two pieces. Each side makes a rope. Remember to do the rope just twist both pieces of hair the same direction and together the opposite direction. This definitely works better with damp hair and I use a little bit of hairspray as well. After I did the first rope I had my daughter hold it as I did the second. Then I took both ropes and brought them down to the bottom pony tail and secured with an elastic. I used short bobby pins to pin the ropes down and to create a heart shape. I took a long section of hair from the pony and wrapped it around to cover the elastic and secured with a small clear elastic and pulled tight. The cute little ribbon hearts were so easy to make. They are just glued to a bobby pin! I stuck them in and used a second bobby pin creating an "x" to make sure they held all day. To finish it off I used my straightener and curled the pony tail a bit. I bet she gets lots of compliments at school today! Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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