Friday, December 3, 2010

3 twist wormy updo

This one is super simple. I started with 3 flip under knots in the front. I put the rest of the hair up in a pony tail. Then with the hair from the 3 ponies I made 3 ropes and attached them to the big pony. With the hair in the big pony I made a messy bun. The only thing I did different this time I took the hair and split it in half and folded the top half up and the bottom half down and secred it with an elastic. So it looked like a bun with a bunch of hair sticking out around it. Then with the hair sticking out the top I took sections and twisted them, wrapped them down over the bun and secured them with bobby pins. I left most of the hair on the bottom just sticking out. So it looked like a messy wormy bun. I topped it off with a cream ranuncula from Snapbandz. Simple and cute!

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